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HIV/AIDS: Knowledge Protects (in English)

by H. Repke and E. S. Ayensu

324 Pages

ISBN 978-3-941525-51-1

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Reasons für publishing a new version of the book

Due to the fact, that the traditional prevention concepts have failed to reduce the number of new HIV-infections, it has been strongly suggested to reconsider the drastic and highly effective proposals of the Knowledge Protects Program.


During the last 10 years, about 2 million new infections were recorded annually, which proves that the spread of HIV in developing countries could not be curtailed at all.  Fortunately, half of those individuals known to be infected have access to anti-retroviral drugs. Despite of the low cost of these generic products, it requires each year 20 billion USD to pay for these drugs. Much of it is provided by international donors and governments of the affected countries. 


Unfortunately, forseeable problems with the essential compliance with the drug administration scheme have resulted in the emergence of dangerous drug-resistant viruses. 10-15% of the infected individuals carry such viruses already and infect others. All this had been predicted by Repke and Ayensu in the first edition of the Knowledge Protects book which was presented and discussed widely with nearly all revelevant international organisations and governments. 


Therefore, the methods which are described in the Knowledge Protects Program and which have been tested with overwhelming success in African countries need to be reconsidered as the last remaining remedy against the spread of HIV in developing countries, in particular in Africa. 


Accordingly, a new 90 minute TV-documentary has been produced which shows the experiences with pilot programs and proves that many of the old prerogatives against large scale HIV-testing and counselling are plainly wrong. 




HIV/AIDS: Knowledge Protects

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  • A short version of the above mentioned documentary can be viewed at:



    The complete TV-Documentary, „Social and Psychological „Vaccination“ against HIV: Reintroducing the „Knowledge Protects Program“ by H. Repke and E. Ayensucan can be viewed using these links:


    Part 1: The failure of old concepts requires a reconsideration oft the Knowledge Protects Program.

    Dauer: 22:37 min.



    Part 2: Aim and Methods of Shielded Testing and Counselling.

    Duration: 32:27 min.



    Part 3: The Worldwide First Public HIV-Test of a Major Traditional Leader and of all his Chiefs.

    Duration: 32:43 min.